Aspirations for 2014

Happy New Year from Hotwells Arts, and here’s what we’re thinking about for 2014!


Cumberland Piazza is finally getting it’s trees this year, eight Acer Rubrum Armstrong, to be planted in a group  – a variety of red maple that has an upright columnar form- and we’ll celebrate by renewing the tired old planter bags with something made to last.

We’re engaging young people in the space through a summer festival exploring how a wheels space could work on site and link with another site near the Festival Way Path by Ashton Meadows. We’re talking to yr 6, 7 and 8 kids at the moment, and producing a short film telling their stories. Helping us are a few grown-up skaters, a designer, some artists and musicians, but we’re on the look out for any adults and kids who want to work together on this!

We’re also keen to get some signage and interpretation in to the space to profile all the amazing local heritage. If you’ve seen any great examples in other places, send them in or let us know and also send us your ideas.

painting fly

The painting that we did last year is amazingly still in tact and no graffiti has been added to the space since, so we feel it’s time to paint those pillars properly and while we’re there, wouldn’t it be lovely to do something on some of the flat surfaces? For the future, we have a wish list of artists and projects whose work we’d like to see influence the space and we’d love to have your suggestions and ideas as well.  Here’s some examples that are inspiring  us:

  • The High Line utilises an old high railway in New York and is a fantastic example of a community led regeneration scheme which incorporates art amongst other things.
  • Jaime Gili‘s project worked on a 1961 landscape park.   he has a particular interest in concrete architecture of the 60s – there was a lot of it in Caracas where he grew up. More of his work can be viewed at Saatchi and here.
  • Lothar Goetz
  • Gordon Young has done some interesting urban landscape projects – including an iconic gateway for Blackpool which also functions as a climbing wall
  • Exyzt 
  • Dave Bain is a Bristol based artist and illustrator
  • Oli Timmins is a Hotwells based artist and graphic designer
  • Situations have links to many public art projects- check out their fantastic ‘The New Rules of Public Art’

The best way to get involved in is to ‘follow’ this blog so we can communicate directly with you. If you prefer, e-mail Hotwells Arts at

Come to our public meeting 19th Feb at Young Bristol 7.30pm (dockside opposite Mardyke Arms, Hotwells) and discuss options for the Piazza.

Our Kids want a Skatepark!

Are you a young person or a parent? Do you or your kids like mucking about on scooters, skateboards, bikes or doing other street sports like Parkour?

For years we’ve been hearing from Hotwells and Cliftonwood kids about what they’d like to under the flyover and  a wheels park is always suggested, amongst ideas for a roller coaster and a beach!

So, how can we help? Well, the way to do it is to do it!

In June 2014 Bristol’s Big Bike Ride closes the Portway – Perfect!

What do we need?

  • Ramps and mats
  • Demos from street sport experts
  • Graffiti workshops

Have you got?

  • Old doors, carpets and planks
  • ideas for graffiti art
  • a facebook or twitter account that you can use to share this blog- sign up to
  • ideas to help us make a film to raise funds
  • Comments to share with us

How will it all work?Well first we need your support and involvement; then we’ll work out exactly what we want to do; then we’ll apply for some funding; advertise;  have a great event; make a film; ask the council, local people and funders to support the creation of a SKATE PARK in HOTWELLS!

Here’s what some other communities have acheived:

Deptford got a designated youth space, Broadway Fields, designed by young people through consultation and partnerships with local authorities and creatives

West Bristol Arts Trail 12th/13th October 2013

All 12 posters have lines of poetry and are at the printers being made massive! Can’t wait to see what they’ll look like on those pillars!


In Spike Island Print Studios on Wednesday silk screening the posters for Voices of the Pillars with Liz and Bob! The print studios are fantastic and we recommend you have a look here for courses and membership.

voices of the pillars

Art under the Flyover launches it’s second 2013 event at the West Bristol Arts Trail in 3 weeks time! Click on the map to see  where we’ll be.

CP site plan Art
We have an exciting arts programme and are inviting you to come and create with us on sat 12th Oct! Paint shades of grey, plan to build a fort and add to the poetry and prose with our creative writing session. See ‘Workshop’ page for more detail.

another meaning to concrete poetry posters coming soon...

another meaning to concrete poetry posters coming soon…

Come and add to the councils anti-graffiti techniques!

Come and add to the councils anti-graffiti techniques!