Our Kids want a Skatepark!

Are you a young person or a parent? Do you or your kids like mucking about on scooters, skateboards, bikes or doing other street sports like Parkour?

For years we’ve been hearing from Hotwells and Cliftonwood kids about what they’d like to under the flyover and  a wheels park is always suggested, amongst ideas for a roller coaster and a beach!

So, how can we help? Well, the way to do it is to do it!

In June 2014 Bristol’s Big Bike Ride closes the Portway – Perfect!

What do we need?

  • Ramps and mats
  • Demos from street sport experts
  • Graffiti workshops

Have you got?

  • Old doors, carpets and planks
  • ideas for graffiti art
  • a facebook or twitter account that you can use to share this blog- sign up to https://www.facebook.com/hotwellsskatepark
  • ideas to help us make a film to raise funds
  • Comments to share with us

How will it all work?Well first we need your support and involvement; then we’ll work out exactly what we want to do; then we’ll apply for some funding; advertise;  have a great event; make a film; ask the council, local people and funders to support the creation of a SKATE PARK in HOTWELLS!

Here’s what some other communities have acheived:

Deptford got a designated youth space, Broadway Fields, designed by young people through consultation and partnerships with local authorities and creatives

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