Cementing a Concrete Community

lining upPlay sculptures are emerging from the pallet boxes this week and we have decided to name our Pocket Park ‘Concrete Communities’. We feel this plays homage to Dame Sylvia Crowe and 1960’s modernism, but allows us our contemporary re-use and DIY touches. Above all, the title alludes to our strong local community.

DaveSo, what is actually going on down at the Cumberland Piazza? All around Bristol Harbour there are so many signs telling the public what they’re not allowed to do, so last week, while Britain voted, Anna, Amy and Dave painted a new mural, intending to welcome people of all ages to enjoy the space in whatever way they choose.

AmyThis week our Pocket Park team have been revealing and and turning the members of the ‘Concrete Community’ with the help of a gantry hired from Brandon Tools, one of many amazing local suppliers who have help us, even though they must think we’re bonkers!

How 2?Apparently they spent an hour in the office wondering how we were going to carry out our mission, but as usual, Tom and Luke had a plan. And as usual the plan involved lots of head-scratching, this time about axis points and weight shifts, as we shuffled the gantry inch-by inch and scratched our heads again.

Beton BrutAnd the results? Well, the sculptures need a bit of cementing, a bit of sanding and a lot of moving, with help from our local teens. The painstakingly filled pallets used to brace the moulds and create the Beton Brut effect (to rival London’s South Bank) will be turned into yet more planters to house our rapidly spreading pollinators. Scaffold poles will be added to create a sports pitch structure and a canopy for performance and this ‘Concrete Community’ will be ready to welcome everyone on July 9th as we launch our pocket park!

Mural Painting

Amy and Dave

luke with Gantry

Luke and the Gantry


Thinking Steps

Anna gantry

Suspended slide

Pocket Park Launch poster

Photo by Anna Haydock-Wilson and Tom Sale

Poster design by Luke Carnaby

email Anna at Hotwells & Cliftonwood Community Association to find out more

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