Past events

As part of West Bristol Art Trail, local artists created work which examined the past present and future of the Cumberland Piazza.  See here for a video sketch of the event The Artworks

Voices of the Pillars – posters by Anna Wilson and Liz Purnell The words from Bob Walton’s poem of the same name poem inform this poster artwork ‘Voices of the Pillars’, created using silkscreen, to tell a history of the site dating back millions of years.

DeeDum – video and sound installation by Anna Wilson Video installation squeezed under the road explores the area in unexpected detail DeeDum Live

Tensile Screens – temporary mesh artwork by Claire Sharpe To accompany the Green Days Out  event in the piazza in July 2013, Claire was commissioned to create 5 site specific, tensile mesh screens, which can be seen animating the columns at the centre of the piazza and reflect the history, design of and paths throuth the space in a bold, stripped down graphic approach.

1 Brunswick Place – sound scape installation by Anna Wilson & Liz Purnell An Installation in the disused toilet block with a soundscape evoking memories and future aspirations. See here With very special thanks for all the props: Jayne Marshall and SHOP Rachel and Puppet Place. And big thanks too to Emma for helping get them there and Joanna for helping install!

The Story of the Cumberland Pizza A soundscape in the urinals by Gabriel Purnell-Harris and Leon Walker (aged 11) and many of their friends when they were 8 or 9. The kids recorded improvised stories and shared their aspirations for the space. Here is a film we made with them 3 years ago Imaginations and Memories

Workshops A video sketch of the workshops

Where Are You From?- writing workshop led by Bob Walton Using maps to kick-start ideas, Bob offers an invitation to think and write about places which are important to you – in Bristol, Great Britain or further afield.  The writing pieces people create will be strung together on a line between the trees. Form Bob’s workshops in 2011 Voices of the Pillars was created, so let’s see what happens this time!

Building the Avon Gorge Fourth Camp – public consultation session led by Heath Bunting  ‘As civilisation collapses due to the Holocene extinction and we hopefully return safely to the stone age, the Avon Gorge will again become an important fording between the avon river arm of the Severn estuary waterway and the ridge-way track network. The three disused Avon Gorge Castles (Stoke Leigh, Burgwalls and Clifton camps) that once controlled this crossing will again become occupied by the remnant of surviving Bristolians.

During the collapse of the Bristol transport network, the river crossing at Cumberland Basin will also need securing, until such a time the bridge becomes submerged by the rising sea or destroyed by warfare. For this purpose, i propose the building of a fourth camp at Cumberland Plaza, similar in scale, structure and materials to the three avon gorge camps eg: stone and earth. As with the three other camps, this new camp can serve as a tourist attraction and training ground for domestic extremists until needed for actual survival necessity.’ Heath Bunting Sept 2013

Heath invited you to join in consulting about building a 4th camp in the piazza. For a summary of the workshop, please see comments.

Painted Pillars

20 Shades of Grey– Painting opportunity for all led by Anna Wilson Continued the council’s anti-graffiti tradition with the aim of painting grey squares to make abstract artworks on the columns. The result was people got really excited and painted all sorts of images, many seemed inspired by the soundscapes. Some of the participants just splashed the paint around! We’ll have no problem engaging the public if we wanted help with painting in the future!

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