West Bristol Arts Trail 2018- Silver Bells and Cockle Shells

West Bristol Arts Trail is a lovely community event, attracting thousands of visitors to Hotwells& Cliftonwood over the weekend. The weather is usually kind to all those traipsing the streets (and lanes) of our community and the artwork rarely disappoints! 

collaborative painting design

Designed by Luke Palmer and painted by him, Kwase and Anna

At the Cumberland Piazza we have nothing to sell, only an invitation to wander round and look at our eclectic mix of street art, mural paintings and planted areas. This community led regeneration project was instigated by the late, great Ray Smith of Hotwells and Cliftonwood Community Association who invited Anna Haydock-Wilson to get involved in 2010 to see if arts could play a role in changing the site from a grey, empty, underused and vandalised space into a vibrant community space. It is a work in progress, but thanks to all the members of the community, artists, architects and landscapers we’ve had working with us, things have changed dramatically over the past few years.

This weekend you’ll be able to see the work of

  • The local community, who painted the pillars in tonal colours and help with community gardening days
  • Dave Bain who designed and painted the ‘hidden forest’ 
  • Amy Hutchings who created the Herons and the Hotwells Primary Mural and Women of Hotwells and Cliftonwood
  • Hotwells Primary and other local children who’s art work Amy beautifully transcribed
  • HCCA and Art within the Cracks who commissioned and collaborated with Amy 
  • Luke and Paris who have provided the piazza which some epic street art and patiently repainted over several bouts of tagging in increasingly inventive ways
  • Luke Carnaby and Thomas Sale who created a Pocket Park with play sculptures in collaboration with Anna and HCCA 

Anna will be around on Saturday and Sunday 3-5pm to talk about the project and help you make some ‘art’. Did you bring too many beach stones or shells back from holiday this summer?

shellsIf they’re not decorating your garden please bring them along and place them in our railings rockery. We can’t literally have silver bells to go with our cockle shells, but we will be experimenting on sunday, tying old keys to the railings to see what sounds they make.

If you have any ideas for more Art under the flyover, please come down at the weekend or email anna@artwithinthecracks.org

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