Art under the Flyover, established in 2011, is a continuing programme of arts in the Cumberland Piazza aiming to enliven and regenerate this iconic space. The programme is overseen by Hotwells & Cliftonwood Community Association and managed by Anna Haydock-Wilson.

In the 1960’s streets in Hotwells were cleared to make way for a flyover and the area underneath was re-designed by landscape architect, Sylvia Crowe. For years the space remained derelict- there used to be fountains and playparks. Local people of all ages have diverse ideas for the future, a roller coaster, a tennis court and even an urban beach!


Over the past few years we have delivered genuine improvements to the site through various creative projects, involving several artists and local activists. To read all about the progress, please visit our home page

Art under the Flyover is a community-led physical ‘changing space’ project. In 2010 Anna was invited by the Hotwells & Cliftonwood Community Association to improve a neglected public space with and for locals. We had big dreams of a ‘gateway to the city’ but austerity was biting so we have had to work incrementally, scraping together bits of funding. Involving many other artists and Bristolians over the years, the space is now vibrant with colour and flora and, with only rain water, it is a bit of an experiment in climate adaptive urban growing.

Contact Anna Wilson, HCCA representative for Arts and Young People admin@hotwellscliftonwood.org.uk

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  1. Nancy Jones

    Hi, sad to see that the Sky film crew art department who used the pillars under the flyover as a location a couple of weeks ago haven’t made good after they finished. Some of the beautifully newly painted blue pillars have holes in them and tape and paper is still stuck to them. Perhaps Bristol City Council Film Office will be providing some funds to make these good?

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