Ideas, Visions and Summer Arts Projects

hotwells rdCP vision sketches 1

Hotwells Arts has been working with HCCA, to plan more improvements to the Cumberland Piazza and we’d love to get feedback from you on our ideas. We’ve also been engaging with the High Water Line, an international arts project, to gather stories and histories from local residents about community resilience and flooding. Earthed are coming to the Ashton Meadows area [opposite the Create centre] to create temporary land art installations. Their first event is The Earthed Weekender on 14th/15th June as part of Bristol’s Big Green Week.

Artists Dave Bain and Oli Timmins are developing some fantastic ideas for involving local people in painting the pillars in different colours and this will be a chance for anyone in the community to have a go. Here are some visuals of how the painted pillars could make a difference to the space, to make it more striking and distinctive. We also have plans to create new planters on a more architectural scale, with Bristol Wood Recycling Project.

colour-mock-up_1.3CP vision sketches 2colour-mock-up_2

Colour mock-ups by Dave Bain, Visualisations by local residents Leon, age 12 and Anna age 45

We will run some workshops for local people to create character designs for the pillars and walls, inspired by the history and stories of the space. . So if you’d like to join a workshop, get in touch.

photo 1     oli2     Oli Lazy days

Examples of Oli’s work

davebain1     Dave Bain robots      Dave Bain creatures

Examples of Dave’s work

We are currently engaging with Bristol City Council who are helping us to secure permissions for our ideas and will update this blog post with news of dates or workshops and more detailed plans as soon as we know more

Let us know what you think of the ideas, and find out how to get involved in any of the projects by following this blog, emailing or leaving a message for HCCA on 01179291883


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