Making a Skatespot Happen in Hotwells!

People in Hotwells & Cliftonwood, would like to see more for our kids to do, and have voted for a skatespot under the flyover! Have a look at what our kids say and see how you can help…

Local year 7 kids made a film in a day during February half term, inspired by a project called 80 by 18 and this is the story they wrote, rehearsed, filmed and helped edit  to see the film open this blog in your browser

We found the ‘man in the red trousers’ and he said ‘great idea!’ So we’re going to make it happen and this is how!

  • We have consulted extensively with skaters and all of them have advised that a flat piece of smooth tarmac under cover is the way to start. Syd from Fifty Fifty says
    ‘Skaters are a global community, when they travel they seek out the best spots and they’d come to Hotwells. This would be great for local kids because these skaters would teach them skills.’
  • It’s not all about the money. There’s a skate spot under the M32 that’s had a maximum of £1000 spent on it and it can be found on an Aussie website!
  • To start with we are seeking permission from the council to tarmac a small area shown between these pillars below.

ALU_1702                          ALU_1701

  • When that area starts to attract skaters, the next step is to make some films with our local young people to profile skating here.
  • From then on DIY practices could be used to create ‘jumps’ and we can hold some events.
  • Once we’ve assessed how and what people are using the area we can start fund raising for new elements- could be extending the tarmac, putting a ‘cage’; around the space so it can be used for ball games too; more artwork; grind poles, jumps- aim high!

We hope to be working with local artists Dave Bain and Oli Timmins to paint the pillars surrounding the tarmac as a project with local people. They’ll also do murals on other parts of the site. If you want to get involved ‘follow’ this blog or e-mail specifying skatespot and/or art at the Cumberland Piazza.

This project will only work with maximum involvement from local people, so how about it?



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