West Bristol Arts Trail 12th/13th October 2013

All 12 posters have lines of poetry and are at the printers being made massive! Can’t wait to see what they’ll look like on those pillars!


In Spike Island Print Studios on Wednesday silk screening the posters for Voices of the Pillars with Liz and Bob! The print studios are fantastic and we recommend you have a look here http://www.spikeprintstudio.org for courses and membership.

voices of the pillars

Art under the Flyover launches it’s second 2013 event at the West Bristol Arts Trail in 3 weeks time! Click on the map to see  where we’ll be.

CP site plan Art
We have an exciting arts programme and are inviting you to come and create with us on sat 12th Oct! Paint shades of grey, plan to build a fort and add to the poetry and prose with our creative writing session. See ‘Workshop’ page for more detail.

another meaning to concrete poetry posters coming soon...

another meaning to concrete poetry posters coming soon…

Come and add to the councils anti-graffiti techniques!

Come and add to the councils anti-graffiti techniques!

One comment

  1. Ray

    Cumberland Piazza is a space that offers huge potential for exhibiting really bold art in a highly visible setting. West Bristol Art Trail is the third artist intervention since 2011 and It would be good to build on that experience to establish it as a venue for large-scale, outdoor works that might prove difficult to fit elsewhere. A programme of changing work going on throughout the year would be wonderful and, eventually perhaps some semi-permanent installations to complement the other changes we want to make to the site.

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