Summer Fun for Families

Mhairi Stuart is running workshops again this year for the well-being of local families. She will be making clay pendants with all comers on 7th & 8th August 2-4pm. The activities are FREE and there’s no need to book. On day one we will cut clay and let it dry over night. On day two people can paint and hang their ornaments adding positive messages if they like. We will have some pre made in case people can’t make both sessions.

On 18th & 19th August Anna will be joining Mhairi and we’ll add gardening activities in the mix. Weather permitting (if it’s not too hot and dry) we will be planting a mattress to make a ‘flower bed’. If this experiment is successful we’ll try and grow food next year as they are using mattresses in arid countries for this purpose. You may have noticed in the photos above that we have sneaked in some planted juice cartons- we’ll be experimenting with other things we can plant, including our newly acquired pink XR canoes. We’ll also be inviting more ‘colouring in’ of our protesters that we pasted up during the festival.

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