Come Rain Come Shine

Hotwells Community Well-Being Festival 18th July 2021 1-8pm

Hotwells & Cliftonwood Community Association are hosting a community well-being festival to celebrate local people and offer a chance to get together after distanced times. 

Please come and join in with creating murals, sculpture, planters, try some exercise classes, watch a vintage clothes fashion parade (all clothes are for sale), make some kefir, do pottery, Life Drawing and poetry workshops, or just meet up with friends and neighbours for curry, cakes and chats.

The event will be Covid safe (within current restrictions and suitable for all ages, with games, skate demos and music all day. Please bring drinking water, cash and a mask (it could be useful for some of the activities).

Here’s the Line up:

  • Chai Shai food 1-3.30pm & 5.30-8pm
  • Goki Cakes 2pm- til they’re all sold
  • Move More Fitness 1.30-5.30pm with breaks
  • Life Drawing 1-3pm 
  • Flower Bed Gardening 1-4pm
  • Poetry workshops 2-4pm
  • Pottery workshops 3-5pm
  • Vintage Fashion Parade 3.30pm 
  • Poetry Performance 4.30pm
  • Musicians 5.30pm-6.30pm
  • DJ’s 6.30-8pm

A big thanks to all the amazing people who are contributing their skills and equipment to make it happen:

Fitness Circuit Tasters with Move More Fitness

Move More Fitness run outdoor small group fitness sessions throughout the week, all year round, here at Cumberland Piazza in Hotwells.

Sessions are fun, for all abilities, and will definitely help you to feel great in body and mind.

They also help with nutrition advice, accountability and lifestyle tips.

At the festival Chris from Move More Fitness will be offering FREE 30 min taster sessions at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm, so make sure you head to see him to get your name down. 

Or feel free to pop over to have a quick chat, if you have any burning questions on health, fitness and nutrition, Chris will be sure to help.

A & K’s Playground creative and imaginative workshops & events encouraging everyone to embrace play, no matter your age!

All activities are designed for children (aged 4+) and their grown ups to enjoy together.

Extreme Hopscotch

1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm, 5:30pm. Armed with a piece of chalk, Alison & KT challenge you and others to take hopscotch to the extreme! Will you skip or stomp? Float or fly? Ramble or roam?

Giant Jenga

1:00pm – 7:30pm, Stacking blocks into a tower with a twist! You and your opponent will take it in turns, removing one block at a time to see how high you can build. Ask Alison or KT for bonus wellbeing challenges.

Chai Shai Kitchen

Serving small food ‘boats’ at small prices- delicious and healthy vegetarian and vegan options 1-3.30pm & 5.30-7.30pm

Gokin Bake

Gokin is  a new baking business run by Kat Gover and Leo Ikin from their kitchen in Hotwells. Their ethos is that gluten free baking can (and should) be delicious, and not boring! 

They will be providing a range of our gluten free cakes and bakes for everyone to try (you do not need to be on a gluten free diet to enjoy these, trust me!), in exchange for donations. 

Kat and Leo wanted to support this fantastic event to meet more of our local community and because, really, who doesn’t love cake?!

PYTCH Hotwells Skate Spot launch

PYTCH, a Bristol based international events and visionary company, are providing power, sound and support to add a bit of class! The sound system and DJ’s will be playing most of the day by the Skate Spot. Johnny Palmer, Managing Director, is keen to help us create more human habitat where people (especially young ones) can interact and maximise the community use of public urban space.

Every Good Thing 

A local fermentary enterprise based in wapping wharf and run by Caroline and Kate from Cliftonwood, are joining us to provide tasters and free kefir making workshops 

The Page Practice

Covid news! So sad to say that Sally will be isolating and unable to provide free massage tasters. We will try and arrange for members of the community to meet Sally on another occassion.

Massage therapy works deep in the muscles, realigning the muscle fibres and connective tissue helping to increase blood flow, which in turn facilitates the body’s natural healing process. Treatment offers a profound level of relaxation, both physical and mental. For more information please take a look at my website.

Blind Justice Page

Blind Justice Page are on a mission to rediscover the roots of Americana music, performing songs from and inspired by the golden age of old-time music and country-blues. Up for a dance?

Arts for Everyone

Artists Anna Haydock-WilsonAmy Hutchings, Mhairi Stuart, Joanna Espiner, Beckie UptonLauren Maria Hill and Tim Southall with original designs by Shelby x Studios are offering pottery, painting, planting and giant mosaic making.

Bob Walton is running Acer Rubrum a drop in poetry workshop in the Maple Grove 2-4pm with a performance at 4.30pm

Shilpi Choudhury will be painting with henna and we’re talking to some street artists about decorating the skate spot area with local young people.

Performance maker, Recession Gill, will be providing laughter and vintage clothes in the form of a fashion parade reflecting Hotwells and its past, present and future.

The Sun Will Rise & So Will We

Make some new permanent artworks for the Piazza with Anna Haydock-Wilson, Amy Hutchings & Lauren Maria Hill, using posters designed by Shelby X Studios. We will be using natural wheat paste to add a series of characters holding placards and banners and inviting you to help place them on the pillars and walls and to add your own words and phrases. This is part of the Hotwells Voices series which aims to enable local people and communities to express what they feel about the world. This activity is supervised and not suitable for children under 8 years old as Posca paint pens leave permanent marks. 

Make a Giant Mosaic

Using brightly coloured pieces of wood, artists will help you to create a giant mosaic throughout the day on the old cafe base in the pocket park. There is no right or wrong with this activity and the pictures and patterns may change throughout the festival. When the day is done we will glue the mosaic together and the art will remain on display for a few weeks, so you can feel proud as you pass by. Artist Tim Southall will facilitate this piece.

Acer Rubrum Poetry Workshop

Hotwells Poet, Bob Walton is bringing his superb wordsmithery to the festival inviting us all to write poetry and hang our offerings among the maple trees. Bob and his fellow poets will turn your words into performance.

Vintage Fashion Parade

Is it a fashion show? Is it street theatre? Is it pantomime? Whatever it is, if you don’t already know Recession Gill and her fabulous models, prepare to be entertained. Learn a little of the history of Hotwells through clothes and culture. There will be shopping & laughter! 

Brick Project Mandala Workshop

The mandala is a cross cultural pattern, where creation and subsequent contemplation allows for a calming, meditative experience. Creating a group mandala is a unifying event in which people can express themselves individually within a cooperative structure. This project uses the same principles as all previous Brick Projects, allowing participants to use the medium of painting to represent themselves in a giant communal piece of art. There is no such thing as a bad painting – we encourage people to be brave and we are enthusiastic, approachable and ready to assist in developing techniques and offer support. Creativity is celebrated over virtuosity!

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