Wishing Everyone a Happy, Healthy, Hopeful New Year from Hotwells

With so much hope pinned on 2021 being a better year than the covid catastrophe of 2020, life in our local communities is ever more important. We made a new mural to help people express their hopes. We have begun with colours and words around Amy’s beautiful herons. The lettering is by graphic artists, Julia and Rosie, and swirls and colours by Mhari and Anna.

The idea is to add positive statements and ideas of what we’d like to change in the world and in our city in the coming year. We’ll do this by drawing characters holding placards like with the ‘Sun will Rise and So Will We’ created by myself, Lauren and Katya using designs by Shelby X Studios. This artwork is the second in the Hotwells Voices series.

On the old cafe base next to this wall I will rebuild Unlocking Bristol and chalk the 300 plus messages I have already from residents all over Bristol. These artworks are temporary and vandal proof & created by volunteers although we have applied for funding for some additional painting and planting.

At the end of 2020 the Hotwells and Cliftonwood Community Association carried out an extensive community survey, which included some questions about people’s aspirations for the piazza. Thanks so much for all your responses which were overwhelmingly positive and aligned well with the previous survey in 2014. The priorities back then were for more green areas, facilities for young people and artworks. This time artwork was lower down the list and extra seating was higher up along with community events and ideas for a regular market.

We recognise concerns when it comes to untidiness and nostalgia and love of Dame Sylvia Crowe’s original public space design with the play park and the paddling pool and pristine concrete. The cost of returning the Piazza to its former glory is beyond the capacity of H&CCA. With the possibility of ‘Western Harbour’ developments, the whole area could change over the coming years- another great reason to communicate, share and amplify our voices.

People seem to appreciate the attempts we have made over the years to minimise unpopular graffiti and repaint when people deface the pillars and walls. We are aware that tagging really upsets many people, so I thought it would be useful to explain how we currently manage this. If the graffiti is obscene you can call the council and the Bristol Waste Street Cleansing team will paint over it as soon as possible. If you also contact me or the community association we have many more colours and can restore the original artworks. Otherwise, I tend to keep an eye out and make time to paint over what I think people consider to be ugly when time allows and on a voluntary basis.

I have compiled a list of FAQs responding more thoroughly to the H&CCA survey. I hope they help explain who takes responsibility for maintaining & improving the piazza and outline how you can get involved.

We really, really hope 2021 is a better year for everyone.

Anna Haydock-Wilson 5th Jan 2021

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