The Artists

Below are the artists we have been working with so far. We welcome any artists or designers to come and visit the space and talk to us about your ideas.

Anna Wilson is a filmmaker, artist and Hotwells resident who is passionate about the potential of the Piazza. Anna curates and co-ordinates Art Under the Flyover. She has engaged local people in taking notice of the space and in recording the minute details of the area. By sharing these details through on-site installations she aims to inspire participation in the flyover’s future. Anna designed the colour scheme for the pillars- and painted them with help from nearly 40 volunteers!

Thomas Sale is a trainee architect has worked on loads of festivals and been a key member of the Pocket Park team.

Luke Carnaby, also a trainee architect, designed and built the Pocket Park with Anna and Tom and hopes be part of future developments.

Amy Hutchings is a local artist, designer & illustrator and  who recently designed and painted a mural in Charles Place Play Park and worked with Anna & Dave on designing and painting the ‘welcome’ mural under the flyover.

Dave Bain is a Bristol based artist and illustrator. Dave has painted the murals on the pillars and the Welcome mural. We hope he will continue to be involved in working with the community to develop more artworks for the site.

Liz Purnell is a composer and sound designer working across music, sound and audio-visual platforms and a Hotwells resident. she has previously created work in response to the space including silk screen prints and soundscapes in a piece titled ‘The Cranes’

Claire Sharpe is a fine artist and Bristol boat resident with an interest in the Cumberland Piazza, its history and context. Her ongoing research investigates marginal spaces, edge lands, the ‘afterthoughts of town planning and the forgotten spaces of regeneration’. Her tensile screens above were created fro Green Days Out in July 2013.

Bob Walton is a local poet from Wales who experiments with poetry in many contexts. He has collaborated with artists, musicians, storytellers and film-makers to write poetry, scripts and monologues. In 2011 he involved a local group in creating a group poem in response to the Cumberland piazza, Voices of the Pillars, which was also performed under the flyover.

Heath Bunting lives in Bristol and has known the area well since climbing in the gorge as a teenager. Heath’s works in different active ways and reaches his audiences through systems of documentation and distribution including photography, print publishing and the web. He is currently training artists in survival techniques so that they can out-live the organised crime networks during the final crisis. In 2013 Heath did a survivalist workshop on the Piazza and talked about building a tower as water levels rise.


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